E2C - Your advisor, partner and turnkey contractor

E2C takes responsibility for building projects – from analysis and strategy to construction and inspection. With a tracable scorecard, detailed documentation, and a project manager on site, we ensure that the project adheres to the quality requirements, budget and schedule. 

How it started

After many years in senior positions in the construction sector and long experience of organisation and project control, Joakim Sternander and Jörgen Hultmark were sure that there were other, better ways of running projects. They felt restricted by the traditional way in which big construction companies worked. Both have a drive to innovate and change things. Joakim calls himself ‘down to earth’, but he also wants to develop. Jörgen’s watchword is efficiency. He always wants to find the shortest way from A to B without sacrificing quality. Their discussions often revolved around alternative ways of running projects, and in 2018 they resigned from their permanent jobs to start up E2C – Exclusive Competence and Construction.

Kaia, Joakim and Jörgen

After six months, the company took on Kaia Puusepp, who shared their vision. She has a background in international commerce, with special expertise in procurement and contract law. Handling things and solving problems are what drives her, and she is methodical in her approach. Together, they form the core of E2C. They have found their own niche in a conservative industry. Their vision is based on the realisation that innovative thinking and top-level expertise are crucial to the outcome of every project.

“Every job is unique and you should feel when you meet us that you are being listened to, taken seriously and treated with respect, whatever the size and complexity of the project,” says Joakim.

E2C are consultants, partners and turnkey contractors on various types of building project.  They project-manage, handle financial and technical procurement, produce evaluations, analyse risks and carry out inspections of properties, installations and land. They are certified for control management on projects of a complex nature.  

“All of our projects are actually dream jobs. They don’t have to be groundbreaking – the most important thing is the people we work with. But a dream client is someone who knows what he or she wants to achieve with their project. And lets us run a turnkey contract and take full responsibility,” explains Kaia.

Whatever the job, they lay great stress on the preparatory work. They see the analysis as the basis for ensuring that the project will be cost-effective and finished on time. A ‘balanced scorecard’ is used to document everything, and the whole process is transparent for those involved. They developed the balanced scorecard to work even on the most complex projects with lots of people involved, and they are now busy with systems development of a platform on which the scorecard will be digitised in the near future.

“We believe that the need for reliable control systems will only increase. It is our conviction that decisions based on knowledge, understanding and expertise will be absolutely crucial to achieving the desired results. Both now and later. The future is not a given, it is something we shape for ourselves,” Jörgen concludes.


E2C – two into one, and then another two

Exclusive Competence and Construction Sweden AB is the parent company of a group. This includes the two wholly-owned subsidiaries Exclusive Competence Sweden AB and Exclusive Construction Sweden AB and, from 2020, E2C Real Estate AB and E2C Software AB as well.

Exclusive Competence Sweden AB provides services within consulting, procurement, coordination, control management, inspections, design and project management.

Exclusive Construction Sweden AB carries out contract works on behalf of land and property owners. These may be completely new projects, renovations of existing properties or changes to premises when new businesses move in.

E2C Real Estate AB: Project development of homes, business premises, factories etc.

E2C Software AB: Systems development of software tools and apps for the construction and real estate sector.

Our clients are mainly private companies, but we also work for municipalities, public authorities, organisations, associations and private individuals.